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Blocks V2.0/V2.1

2007-08-26 08:34:15 by DruneDru

Hi people,

It feels like I'm talking to myself but anyway I'm writing to inform people of the Blocks v2.0. I realise I said I would have the game out a week ago but uni didn't permit me to do so. I've almost finished v2.0 however, there is a nice feature in v2.1 which I would like to add before I release the game to the public. So the version that I'll be releasing is in actual fact going to be V2.1 and believe me it'll be worth the wait. I have scheduled the game around uni so I can complete it and will be ready in 2 weeks.

Keep it real homies.

Blocks V2.0/V2.1


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2007-09-10 18:45:15

Don't worry, I talk to myself all the time and I'm not crazy!



DruneDru responds:

hmmmmm, are you sure? : |
Lol :)
What do you think I should add to Blocks? I was thinking some powerups and nice graphics.


2007-09-11 18:36:43

grphics are pretty schweet already,

As for powerups, a good idea is a sorta ring that surrounds your cursor that dissintegrates red blocks.

of course I know as much about AS as my grandma, so I'm not sure how possible that is :/


2007-09-11 18:37:45

And your logos pretty schweet too:)


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